Little Frost´s C´Mon Red Riding Hood "Hulpa"

Photo: Ronja Haapanen

Hulpa was born on November 3, 2019 from the combination Evergreen Von Springbell "Fiete" & Little Frost´s Arrogant Ice Queen "Aava". Hulpa is full of energy and a really happy Barbet girl who is very excited about new things and situations. Hulpa is a very active Barbet and loves to be involved in all the hustle with her family. Hulpa is co-owned and lives with her family in Oulu. Hulpa loves retrieving exercises and long walks in the woods. She lives together with two Golden Retrievers. She is an adorable Barbet and very easy dog. Hulpa has woolly and curly black coat with white on her chest. Hulpa has been shown in dog shows and she has received  3* Excellent with CAC, 2*res CAC and res-Cacib.

Hips B / B

Elbows 0/0

Eyes ok (Ecvo)

MyDogDNA profile, no disease or carrier findings, PRCD-PRA clear, no dilution effect

Shows: 3 * EXC, CAC, 2 * res-CAC, res-CACIB

Owners: Sari Jänkälä & Inka Labba