Breeding Principles

Breeding Barbets is a beloved hobby for us. Puppies are occasionally born from well-thought-out combinations. We pay first and foremost attention to the nature of the dog and the maintaining of its characteristics, taking into account health issues. The goal is healthy Barbets with excellent temperament. It is important to pay attention to low inbreeding rate. 

It is of great importance to us to find a home for the puppy where it is a beloved family member, its need for exercise and activities is met and its well-being and coat are taken care of. We will not impose a show or competition obligation, but we would be very happy if we saw our puppies in ability tests and shows. We require the new owner to undertake medical examinations which means a hip and elbow scan and an eye examination when the dog is about two years old.

Little Frost's puppies will be handed over to new homes when we think the puppy is ready to leave their place of birth, usually 7-9 weeks old, registered, chipped, dewormed several times, and inspected by a veterinarian. The new owner will receive written instructions for the care of the puppy as well as a veterinary certificate. Our puppies grow up indoors, with the family in our daily life, and they get used to the normal care procedures before delivery. We are committed to giving our puppies the best start in life and we put in a lot of effort to socialize puppies.

Visitors are allowed to see the puppies when they are more than four weeks old. We give lifelong support to the owners of our puppies and you can contact us whenever you have any questions. Our puppies are important to us and it is always nice for us to hear any news from our puppies, both good and bad. We are ready to take back any dog ​​we have raised.

If you are interested in a Little Frost´s puppy, we hope you will tell honestly about yourself, your previous dog experiences and expectations regarding the barbet. Please note that we can't accept color requests for the puppy. If color or immediate availability are a priority we are not likely to be the right breeder for you.