Zorrazo Karlos "Cora" 


This hard-working tail winger enjoyed staying at home. Cora was a cityboy and didn't like to shuttle in the woods. Cora liked the chores of everyday life and his favourite pastime was chasing the ball, going in the sauna and guarding. Certainly no one was able to sneak up upon us so that Cora's watchful gaze didn't notice. And it is precisely because Cora was deaf in the latter part of his life. Cora first wanted to get to know guests before wanting to become a friend. After that he was kind and even climbed into the arms of the guests. Retrieving was practiced with Cora and the ball was his favourite toy. Especially, the super squeker American football, which Cora loved above all else, but not by us because of the squeaky whining noise. Sometimes the ball had to be hidden in the closet :) Cora loved to stole beanies, socks and gloves which we could always find in his bed.

To our great sadness, we brought Cora to the Rainbow bridge on November 26, 2021

When golden eyes no longer glow, and we both know it's time to go,
Don't look at me with eyes so sad, but think of better times we had,
When sunlight did upon us shine, and happy days were yours and mine,
And through the grass we both did run, and on our backs we felt the sun,
Think not of this dark final hour, think not of when our lives turned sour,
Think not of hopelessness and pain, but think of joy and laugh again,
For in that final act of love, you released me to heaven above,
Where finally from pain I'm free, where one day you will join with me,
Where together again we will rejoice, and you and I as with one voice,
Will in perfect harmony sing, of the joy and pain that love can bring,
And remember me just as I will, always think of you until,
At last again I see your face, grieve not, I am in a better place.