Little Frost´s Frozen Fabulous "Cici"

Cici was born on April 20. 2022 from the combination of Revulen´s Cintra and Little Frost´s C´Mon Claude Frollo "Rymy". Cici is a lively and gentle girl who likes to get to know new things and people and treats everyone with open kindness: who could not love me! She is curious about other dogs and after a small, careful nudge challenges others to play. Cici is an excellent car traveler and accompanies her host everywhere. Cici is a country girl and spends mostly time in countryside and in cabin in the north with her family. She has also practiced living in an apartment building in Rovaniemi. In the picture, Cici is boating at 14 weeks old, and on the same trip she hopped swimming on her own. She already runs around in the forest on her own and is interested in the smells. Her fur is black, except for white marks on the chest, paws and lower lip. The quality of the fur is still a mystery, maybe more rough than soft. She is very quick and mobile, there is enough challenge in her photography. In the future, Cici will hopefully work as a Gundog at the bird forest. Cici is co-owned and lives with her family in Keminmaa.