Little Frost´s E-Litter 2021

Dam: FI MVA JV-17 HeJW-17 Little Frost´s Arrogant Ice Queen "Aava" FI

Aava's presentation can be found on our kennel's dog presentation page. Aava is a very active barbet used as a gun dog. Aava is an open and social dog. Aava already has one litter born in 2019 with Evergreen Von Springbell. The combination was approved by Barbet Finland ry's breeding committee. The inbreeding of the litter is 0% in four generations. Aava is the Finnish Champion, as well as the Finnish and Helsinki Junior Winner from 2017. Aava has passed the spaniel ability test and the spaniel hunting test (waterfowl). We expect active puppies, especially for bird forest. One puppy will stay in our kennel.

Health: hips C / C, elbows 0/0, back ok, eyes ok (ECVO), PRCD-PRA clear, MyDogDNA no findings

Photos below: Aava

Parents Didier and Impress-Me

With Aava at the dog show of the year in Helsinki 2017

Sire: Poppenspäler's Noblesse NJK, NK, INT Champion, Benelux Winner BE'18 FR/NL, synt. 8.2.2017

We chose Noblesse, who was born in France and lives in the Netherlands, as Aava's fiancé. Noblesse is an absolutely lovely barbet. He is an open and very friendly barbet who at first wants to explore the situation. He is a very sweet and easy dog. He is very energetic, but knows how to calm down when the situation demands. Noblesse is a beautiful and typical barbet with a great structure and movements. Despite his young age, he has already won many titles, e.g. International Champion, Dutch Champion and Benelux Winner. His parents, both mother and father, are world winners. Noblesse is black in color and has a curly coat. 

Health: hips A / A, eyes OK (ECVO), MyDogDNA clear / no findings

Sire: Barboucles Sur Meuse Didier D'or (WW-18)

Dam: Poppenspäler´s Impress-Me (WW-15)

Photos below: Poppenspäler´s Noblesse

Noblesse 2018 with his owner Erik

Noblesse "dog of the year" show

The situation with Covid causes us to have different arrangements in breeding. We decided to implement the combination by using artificial insemination (KPI) instead of going to the Netherlands with Aava. In practice, the arrangement is implemented in such a way that Noblesse visits the Cryolab clinic in the Netherlands to collect the semen, where their quality is first examined, the semen are frozen in a "straw" and then sent to the Veterinary Hospital in Finland for storage. When the time is right, we will travel to the veterinary hospital with Aava for the procedure. The good thing about this is that the semen can be stored in the clinic for up to years. A separate agreement will be drawn up for storage. Going to the procedure requires frequent progesterone monitoring to determine the timing of procedure as accurately as possible before we go.

Noblesse went to the Netherlands for semen collection on July 20, sperm mobility was good, 90%. The sperm was collected in two doses and the consignment left for the Tampere Veterinary Hospital the very next day. I received a separate report from the Cryolab laboratory with all its key figures, which as a layman I couldn't interpret much :)

Aava started her heat on August 17, 2021 and the first progesterone test was taken a week after the heat started. Progesterone values ​​were as follows:

Tu 24.8. 1.01 ng / ml (Movet), Fri 27.8. 4.7 ng / ml (Eurolyser), 30.8. 9.2 ng / ml (Idexx), ie 31.8. 13.3 ng / ml (Idexx), with an estimated ovulation of Sun 29.8.

Artificial insemination was performed on 1.9. at 9 a.m. and another insemination at 6 p.m. the same day. With frozen semen, insemination is done in the womb. The procedure was performed by Tuire Tamminen, a specialist veterinarian at the Veterinary Hospital in Tampere. After thawing the seeds, the motility of the sperm was further checked. The mobility was about 60%, before freezing it was 90%. This was the beginning of an exciting wait for the pregnancy. We went to the pregnancy ultrasound on September 30, 2021, where Aava was determined pregnant. The puppies were due in early November.

Aava at Veterinary Hospital on September 1, 2021. Aava was very relaxed and calm throughout the procedure, and not anxious at all:)

Aava's ultrasound showing pregnancy on September 30, 2021 

The puppies were born on October 30, 2021, 2 females and 2 males. We were so very happy!