Little Frost´s Extravaganza "Hupi"

Hupi was born on October 30, 2021 from the combination of Little Frost's Arrogant Ice Queen and Poppenspäler's Noblesse. Hupi is growing at a good pace to become a typical Barbet: she loves everyone and she is everyone's best friend. There is no person nor dog that Hupi would not treat friendly. She has plenty of energy and speed and therefore, daily routines have to be taught well. Like her parents, Hupi has prey drive and speeds up chasing a bunny whenever possible. Hupi's coat is very soft and easy to maintain; her dreadlocks do not tangle easily. Hupi has started her career in search & rescue and her nose capabilities have been determined "very broad". Maybe that will become her dedicated job, in addition to hunting. In the future, if she has the patience to learn, she will find in the woods not only grannies but also bunnies and mushrooms.

Hupi is co-owned and lives with her family in Levi.