Revulen´s Cintra "VIIMA"

Miss Barbet "Viima" was born in Norway and was a 15-week-old Barbet before she could move to Finland. Viima is mostly a calm lady, but she has a lot of speed and energy outside. The other members of the pack can feel it in their fur. We have not had a specific language barrier between us and Viima already learned basic commands like "come" and "sit" in Norway. Viima's father is the Dutch international champion "Ollie" and mother is the Swedish European junior winner "Tuva". Viima is deep black in color, with the exception of a couple of white strains under her chin. By nature, she has so far proven to be a calm dog who enjoys the company of people and makes easy contact with them. Viima is independent, curious and likes to explore the outdoors. It has been great to see that the smells of the game are interesting and Viima is searching independently. She has a wide and fast search as well as a tendency to point the game. Viima retrieves and goes easily into the water. We have also visited dog shows and Viima has won three CAC and Cacib. Viima is an absolutely adorable dog and a true Norwegian princess.

Born 9/18/2017

Sire: CIB NL CH Tamino vom Staufener Schlossberg

Dam: NO SE UCH EUJV-15 Åbyfjordens Dream of Daisy

Breeder: Kennel Revulen, Elverum Norway

MyDogDNA profile, hips C / C, back, knees and elbows 0, eyes ok