Kärväksen Pikku-Pakkanen "Hero"

In the summer of 2018, the Karelian Bear Dog male Pikku-Pakkanen alias Hero moved to us to make a difference in our daily life. Mr. Hero is a lively young man who is not afraid of anything at all. As a big dog he will say WUF to the moose; and why not to the bear as well. Hero is still a young dog and from time to time, he wants to play instead of work by catching vole and barking at and paddling in frozen ditches. It is nice to try to see if the ice breaks by paddling and barking. When Hero has a good day, he does exemplary job and finds moose. The successes of autumn 2020 included bagging a moose. Hero's favourite hobbies include excavating and digging in the woods. Hero likes to dig pits and one must always be careful when entering his residence (outdoor garden). Hero has also shown the actual skills of a master swimmer and from time to time takes a dip to swim and cool off in the waters while hunting. As a bear dog, however, Hero is comfortably calm and sweet. He is a wonderful family dog.

Born 6/11/2018

Sire: FI KVA Rinkisen Tiki

Dam: Karhusuon Riitu

Breeder: Kärväs kennel

Health: hips A / A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, heart and eyes ok